What Now? Ideas for following up on the challenge.

God-Write-the-BibleSome advice shared from participants in a similar Lenten Challenge – some good ideas and suggestions I thought I’d pass along.

• Review what you’ve read. If you are a highlighter, underliner, margin note-taker, or journal keeper, take a day to go back through you Bibles and take note of the things that jumped out at you.

• Take note of what you’ve learned. Carve out some time to summarize and write down the 2-3 top things you learned about God and yourself.

• Go back to days or books you missed or rushed through. It is okay – there’s nothing magic about the 40 days. One group that started the challenge with me a few years ago decided it was too much and instead took a “daily” reading each week – with breaks, it took them a little over a year to get through them all – and guess what. They’ve read the entire New Testament in considerable depth and discussed it with friends!  What if you found a group and did that yourself?

• Keep reading! What next? Here are some great tools to help you:

YouVersion has dozens of reading plans available to you. Download the app, pick a plan that sounds interesting, and start a new adventure!

Read a chapter of Proverbs each day. You will read through the whole book in a month.

Read 5 Psalms a day. You will read through the whole book in about a month.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment and fill out the survey to help shape future studies / challenges. Thanks.


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